Debbie’s Heart Attack Survivor Story: “I appreciate every moment”

Debbie’s Heart Attack Survivor Story: “I appreciate every moment”

Debbie: Three months after we were married, I went to work, a normal day. Got into the IV room where I work at the hospital, started making IVs, and I started feeling very warm, nauseous, lightheaded. Ended up laying down on the floor and saying, "I think my chest hurts." So they got me around the corner to the ER, and I started coding. And it was that fast.
Speaker 2:
A doctor comes out, and he brings me into the cath lab. And he showed me the monitor. So there is Debbie laying on the table, and that was the first time that I knew that she even had a heart attack.
Debbie: Had I been anywhere but in that hospital that day, I would not have made it. Powerless, weak, but most of all, blessed. Powerless and weak because I've always been so independent. I feel so blessed to still be here, to be able to share my story.
Speaker 2:
Mine is soulmate, love, best friend, joy, and scared. Being just married, my reaction after seeing her on the operating table, I just ... In my mind, I'm thinking, "I just found my soulmate. I don't want this to go away."
Debbie: I think I was in denial right after the heart attack. I still thought I could do the same things, and I really needed to take things slow.
Speaker 2: I know how fast paced Debbie is. So my role actually was to just to get her to slow down, quit stressing so much, let me take on some of the load.
Don't ignore if you have any symptoms at all. Seek a cardiologist.

Debbie’s Heart Attack Survivor Story: “I appreciate every moment”

Just 3 months after marrying the love of her life, Debbie experienced a major heart attack. Had she been anywhere except for her job at the hospital, Debbie might have not made it.

Although her luck left her feeling blessed, she also constantly felt anxious and scared after her heart attack. Debbie is learning to manage these feelings by slowing down, taking on less, and enjoying every second of her day alongside her soulmate.

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