How a Heart Attack During COVID-19 Changed Denise’s Life

How a Heart Attack During COVID-19 Changed Denise’s Life

I had a heart attack and it changed my life forever. I was rushed to the hospital to get two stents placed in my arteries. I am grateful my partner (a fire medic) was home during this difficult time. During my stay in the hospital, my partner could not come in the hospital to see me because of COVID-19, which was so difficult for us both.

I am home now, and resting. Physically, I feel better than I did before—very tired but I feel good. For my partner and I, the most we’ve struggled with is the emotional piece—which I was not expecting. I have a lot of guilt over what I should have done before the heart attack, like stopping bad habits and listening to the warning signs.

I am truly grateful that God has taken care of me, but I am just trying to find ways to cope with the emotional roller coaster ride I am experiencing right now. I’m struggling with all the life changes I need to make.

My mom told me about Survivors Have Heart, it is a blessing. Thank you for sharing your stories, they are bringing me peace. Sincerely, Denise.

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