James’s Heart Attack Survivor Story: “I refuse to feel sorry for myself”

James’s Heart Attack Survivor Story: “I refuse to feel sorry for myself”

Speaker 1: I live by two things in my life that I go back to in terms of how I try to live my life. One is, I won't sit on my rear and feel sorry for myself. The other is, I like to be a spec doer, not a spectator.
[00:00:30] I think it's easy after a heart attack to live in fear. I had my heart attack in the middle of a CrossFit workout. So you're in the hospital and you're going, "Oh my gosh, am I going to be able to do this again? What's my life going to look like again?" And somebody had told me about Bob Harper. So I read a story while I was in the hospital. So I realized that if he can do it, maybe I can do it too. Maybe this isn't the end of doing that or exercising or being fit for me.
[00:01:00] It was a lot of little goals that I would set. Six pounds, then eight pounds, then ten pounds. After I went through my cardiac rehab and everything I told our CrossFit coach, I said, I told him, I'm coming back. I had been a few times, I said, but it's going to look different. I think if you do what the doctors tell you and try to get your heart strong and healthy again, I think the world can open up to you and you can do whatever you want to do. We're heart attack survivors, but we still can live our best lives.

James’s Heart Attack Survivor Story: “I refuse to feel sorry for myself”

After surviving his heart attack, James knew one thing was certain—he would never live his life in fear. But as someone who loves physical activity, James worried if he would ever get back to the life he led before.

When he came across Bob Harper’s heart attack story, he was not only empowered to ask his doctor about someday being able to work out again—he was also inspired to become a part of the Survivors Have Heart community.

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