Jayne’s Heart Attack Survivor Story: “I’m so grateful for my life”

Jayne’s Heart Attack Survivor Story: “I’m so grateful for my life”


My immediate thought was I'm so grateful. I'm just so grateful to be alive, to be thriving, to be getting good medical and rehabilitation. The incidence of having a recurring heart attack in that first year is pretty significant. And rehab was huge. The rehabilitation I had pushed. Like a week after my heart attack, I'm on a treadmill at a pretty steep incline being told you can do more than that. So that was pretty encouraging to me. I didn't think cardiac rehab was going to be anything like it was. I thought I was going to do a little walking and ride a bike, and I was like, "Put the incline up." And you don't even have to run. It's like you're sweating.
[00:01:00] The social aspect is so important for my emotional growth, especially right after retiring. This happens shortly after I retired and I'd lost all those connections that I valued. I didn't realize how hard that was going to be. So this is my substitute. It also made me realize I can do more. I can be better. I can survive this in a way that's pretty significant compared to where I was. I can be better than that. You think you're in great shape and you eat well, you can do better and you can enjoy it.

Jayne’s Heart Attack Survivor Story: “I’m so grateful for my life”

Jayne survived two back-to-back heart attacks in one year, right after she retired. Not only was she having a hard time adjusting to her new normal, but she also felt lonely without her friends from work. Through cardiac rehab, and with the help of Survivors Have Heart, Jayne was able to find heart attack survivors like her to share her experience with.

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