Jeff’s Heart Attack Survivor Story: “If a sensation feels different, pay attention”

Jeff’s Heart Attack Survivor Story: “If a sensation feels different, pay attention”

Jeff: People who are like me, live the lifestyle that I do, they're used to some physical discomfort. What I try to tell people when I have the opportunity is, "If it feels different, if you've never felt that before, then you really need to pay attention to it."

Everything looked good leading up to this point. It came out of nowhere. Went to a Saturday workout, and then afterwards, cleaning all the equipment and putting it away, I started to feel a burning and a squeezing sensation.
[00:00:30] So, I managed to drive all the way up and make it home. Walked through door still feeling really bad. So, I just laid down on the floor. About that time, she comes over and she goes, "What's wrong? You just come crashing through the door, and why are you laying on the ground? What are you doing?" And so, I just tell her, "I'm really not feeling good. I don't know what's going on. I'm just going to lay here for a few minutes." She goes, "Oh, my gosh! Something's really wrong. I think you might be having a heart attack."

I am actively arguing with her at this time, saying, "No, I am not having a heart attack. I'm 44." In her nurse, take charge posture, she says, "Either you get in the car now, or I'm going to call an ambulance."
[00:01:00] She got me there. They put the leads on, and only ran it for a really brief amount of time, and then they pull it off, and says, "We got to go. I got to take him right now." And at that point I kind of... That's when I lost consciousness.

Later, I don't know how long it had been, I woke up in the recovery room.

As you continue through the recovery process, you break through those mental barriers and you start to trust yourself again. So, I think I'm at the point where I'm starting to feel much more relaxed and more comfortable, that I'm in a good place.

Jeff’s Heart Attack Survivor Story: “If a sensation feels different, pay attention”

As he worked one Saturday, Jeff began to feel a burning and squeezing sensation in his chest. By the time he got home, he felt so weak he had to lay down on the floor. As a seemingly healthy 44-year-old, Jeff was completely taken by surprise by his heart attack.

Jeff’s advice to other heart attack survivors is to pay close attention to any sensations that feel out of the norm and talk to your doctor about them. If they become severe, seek medical attention immediately.

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