Michael’s Heart Attack Survivor Story: “Giving back helps me recover”

Michael’s Heart Attack Survivor Story: “Giving back helps me recover”

If I can make a difference in one person's life that is going to experience a widowmaker heart attack, then it makes it worthwhile what I went through. I'll never forget the nurse said, "You're having a full blown heart attack and we're going to be doing lots of things." As a community person, we're a small community, I really need to feel like I'm giving back and helping anybody that comes in there that's got a traumatic experience going on. It's going to help me recover to be able to let people know, "Hey, you can survive and thrive after this event."
[00:01:00] I look forward to it every day. It gives me something. When I know I'm going to the hospital to volunteer, I enjoy putting on that shirt and my badge and realizing that, "Hey, man. I've got the opportunity when I walk in that door to impact somebody's life that's in a real bad traumatic experience right now." The widowmaker's a scary term, but the fact that I survived it and have been able to continue on and do exactly what I did before is what I hope will empower people that are yet to have a widowmaker heart attack realize that they can survive and move on as well.

Michael’s Heart Attack Survivor Story: “Giving back helps me recover”

Giving back to people who have gone through similar experiences is Michael’s passion. Coming from a small, tight-knit community allows Michael to reach people through his volunteer work at the hospital.

He hopes that by sharing his story with people who’ve recently survived their own heart attack, he’ll be making a difference in the way they see themselves and their future.


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