Bob Harper Meets Heart Attack Survivors in San Antonio, TX, for an Emotional Gathering

Bob Harper Meets Heart Attack Survivors in San Antonio, TX, for an Emotional Gathering

Speaker 1:
I've done a few of these events now, and this is my favorite part because I get to sit in a room with not only heart attack survivors, but the caregivers.

We've talked a lot about this, but it's like building that relationship back with your heart again. And I think that people don't really understand that phrase unless you are these people that are sitting in this room.
Speaker 2: I was in denial. I didn't want to believe what it might be, but also there is that little thing in the back of your mind, that's going, "I'm really scared."
Speaker 3: I looked at him and I said, "Could you please get my daughter? I need to talk to her." And that instant, I knew I was going to die.
Speaker 4: Afterwards, I started thinking about all the things I would have missed, if I hadn't had made it through that, if my wife hadn't been home that day.
Speaker 5:
When I have a heart attack, I felt in capital letters terrified, and having you by my side made me feel stronger.
Speaker 4: As I think about what we went through together. I want you to know, I admire your strength. My hope for our future includes many great memories.
Speaker 3: When I had my heart attack, I felt scared. And having you by my side made me feel very safe.
Speaker 6:
So the three words that I picked for daddy were determination, because he never gave up, strong because strong in so many, many ways, and then the last is just the phrase, "You have inspired my life."
Speaker 7: I'm going to cry. As I have watched you on this post heart attack journey, you inspire me. I'm most proud of your positive outlook and strength. It's kind of annoying sometimes this positive outlook. I could be more pessimistic.
Speaker 8:
I love you because you are a wonderful person, a great role model for our children and grandchildren and your willingness to keep fighting the fight and keep living your life.
Speaker 9: I love you because you are my rock. I want to continue to encourage you because I believe our future is just beginning, even after all these years.
Speaker 1:
It's like, here we are right now. All I try to really focus on is the fact that I'm sitting in this room with all of you, hearing these very open and vulnerable and honest stories and words, and just trying to just stay right here. How important that is, don't you think?

When you go through an event like we've gone through, it's like I said, it just doesn't affect the heart attack survivor. It affects the people all around you and your choices and your actions. It's not about you anymore.

Bob Harper Meets Heart Attack Survivors in San Antonio, TX, for an Emotional Gathering

Bob Harper takes his story to San Antonio, on a mission to connect with heart attack survivors like him and leave lasting impressions. Watch this group of survivors as they come together to talk about their personal journeys navigating life after a heart attack.



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